What Is Unfair Debt Collection ?

What Is  Unfair  Debt Collection

Any one who has fallen behind on their bills has most likely been the victim of unfair debt collection.  Unfair debt collection is when debt collectors contact debtors and start harassing them and making threats that are illegal and against the fair debt collection practices act. Debt collectors will contact the debtors and make false statements to intimidate them to pay the past due account. Fight  debt collectors click here for free consultation. Some debt collectors will tell consumers that they have commited fraud and a police officer will be coming to their home to arrest them. There are some really vicious bill collectors who will call and say they are process servers and  will come to the debtors job to serve them a summons.

Both of these tactics are illegal and against the fair debt collection practices act. A police officer can not arrest you for not paying your debts this is just a dirty ploy to get you to pay the bill collector. When you receive a call from someone threatening to serve you at your job contact your local court house and see if you have a lawsuit pending against you. Always record any  calls you receive from the debt collectors  as this can be powerful evidence when you sue them for unfair debt collection. Have several copies of the tape made and contact an attorney experienced in fdcpa lawsuits. Always ask in a calm manner what the debt collector will do if you do not pay then keep the recording going. If you will stay calm and in contro; the debt collector will make threats against you that are against fdcpa laws and give you enough evidence to sue them in court and win. Never be intimidated by bill collectors who try to make you a victim of unfair debt collection.

You will have the last laugh when you sue them in court for fdcpa violations and win. Knowledge is power ! Turn the tables and Beat these bill collectors at their own game ! Become a victor not a victim!

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